Tianjin Lisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. performs its duties in strict accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations such as the company law, the securities law, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules and the articles of association, effectively implements the articles of association, the rules of procedure of the general meeting of shareholders, the rules of procedure of the board of directors, the rules of procedure of the board of supervisors and other rules and regulations, continues to carry out corporate governance activities in depth, and performs the obligation of information disclosure, Improve the standard operation level of the company, and take effective measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of listed companies and investors.

Performance of duties of independent directors

The independent directors of the company can be in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the articles of association, the independent director system and other provisions, in the attitude of being responsible to the company and shareholders, be diligent and dutiful, faithfully perform their duties, actively attend relevant meetings, carefully review various proposals, objectively Express their views and views, and have an in-depth understanding of the operation of the company, the construction of internal control and the implementation of the resolutions of the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders, And use their professional knowledge to make independent and impartial judgments, and put forward valuable suggestions and opinions according to the actual situation of the company.