Enterprise mission and vision

Devote all efforts to healthy career and share green life

Mission: devote to the cause of health

We will persevere in scientific and technological innovation in the field of health, creatively create high-quality products that customers trust, sincerely serve the quality pursuit of public health, and make every effort to contribute wisdom and strength to the cause of human health.

Vision: share a green life

Help the whole people realize the health pursuit of longevity, and let them enjoy a happy life with high quality and meeting the needs of a better life; Let every "Lisheng person" get the sense of achievement and happiness brought by devoting himself to the cause of health.

Enterprise spirit

Ingenuity, focus, innovation and integration

Ingenuity and concentration represent the connotation and quality of "Li Sheng Ren"; Innovation and integration highlight the outstanding pursuit of "making people work".

Ingenuity: ingenuity pharmacy, keep improving. First, we should have a sense of responsibility, have the courage to face difficulties, and dare to act; Second, be careful, always remember that "there is no trivial matter in work", pay attention to the overall situation and pay attention to details; Third, we should be meticulous, treat the work "like duels, like pondering, like pondering", and offer exquisite products with exquisite skills.

Focus: strive to be healthy and professional. First, we should adhere to the principle of "specialization in technology", concentrate on the health field, operate in good faith and accelerate development; Second, we should concentrate on moving forward, enrich and improve the product chain, and constantly accumulate advantages in product segmentation; Third, we should pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of technology leading talents, constantly improve the professional level, and become a reliable provider of health products.

Innovation: don't forget the original, look to the future. First, innovate in integrity and inherit in innovation; Second, never be satisfied, constantly surpass, and form a virtuous circle of innovation, innovation and excellence.

Integration: concentrate and develop together. First, promote the deep integration of Party building and production and operation, and lead the high-quality development of enterprises; Second, expand communication channels, promote the integration of China and the west, integrate advanced experience, and integrate advantageous resources; Third, integrate the wisdom and strength of "Li Sheng Ren", unite as one, build and share.


Core values

Customer oriented, value oriented, hard work, integrity and innovation

The above 16 words summarize the philosophy of Lisheng company. The first two phrases are values; The last two phrases are methodology.

Customer oriented: the customer's demand is the pursuit of "Li Sheng Ren", which is true, pure and sincere.

Value as the key link: creating value for society is the foundation of "Lisheng" and the foundation of "Lisheng".

Hard work: the cause is like a boat, if you don't advance, you will fall back; Be prepared for danger in times of peace. Only by introspection and enterprising in thought and hard work in behavior can there be rewards and achievements in struggle.

Integrity and Innovation: the fine tradition of "Lisheng" is the essence precipitated by the years and the distillation of the spirit of self-improvement. We must uphold integrity to maintain stability, and we must innovate to achieve a long-term goal.

Practice Philosophy

Be good, good medicine

Attaching equal importance to personal morality and the quality of drugs is the magic weapon for "Lisheng" to have a lasting foundation. Be honest and upright, do things perfectly, and pursue the ultimate in medicine. Medicine is like people, "Lisheng" will shoulder the sacred mission of helping the health of the whole people with a professional and professional team that is self-improvement, self-reliance, self-confidence and self-discipline.